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Cyber takeaways from White House meeting with tech execs

DOD embarks on digital transformation

DHS plans to modernize IT by putting high value assets first

Cloud reduces application development time for AF and DHS' CIS

Congressman Jim Langevin's Three Cybersecurity Priorities


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Hawaii's Medicaid platform powers broader transformation

How one county now delivers data-driven decisions

Georgia opens data on schools' performance

Can agile transform IT procurement?

4 ways to improve citizen-government satisfaction

DOT's 2015 transportation infrastructure data now available

311 gets an assist from IBM' Watson

New Jersey town brings real-time multimedia to 911 calls

Boston shows what GIS-driven storytelling can do

Improved open data nets Transit App service for three cities

Massachusetts's RMV modernization derailed

Colorado launches eLicense system for real estate

DOE supercomputers get pre-launch tuning

NJ partnership fights financial cyber threats

Happy 20th, GPS

Boston tackles double-parking with Waze data

Open data portals: A checklist for success

Early signs of a HoloLens ecosystem

Picking the right portal to make open data accessible

Boston builds out data visualization

Mobile apps drive fleet management

NOAA's weather data calls for clouds

DHS delivers geospatial data as a service for first responders

HHS launches mapping tool to protect at-risk Medicare patients

What does the leap second mean for government IT?

NSF wants to test-drive the cloud of the future

IRS, industry to share data to fight tax fraud

After FedRAMP: Trust, but verify

How to spark citizen-driven innovation

FEMA launches disaster dataviz tool

Why aren't we sharing more cloud applications?

Maybe not everything should be on DODIN

EPA compliance database expanded to address dirty air

How HHS and NASA are handling hybrid-cloud challenges

Charlotte updates Citygram with more open data

Data access key to fighting Medicaid fraud, GAO finds

5 trends that will shape government IT strategy

HHS on a mission to liberate health data

Compromised IDs, reused passwords and Shadow IT make a dangerous mix

States flex cyber leadership muscle

A cloud lockbox to keep data secure

NIST maps the future of location services in public safety

Steering clear of 'sneakernet' at big-data scale

DIY bio now possible via 3D Print Exchange

Local gov: Energy infrastructure critical in disaster response

CALC compares hourly labor rates

States go for mobile makeovers

Big data takes on the traffic jam

iOS remains key player in public sector

What 700 TB of cyber threat data can do for you

More evidence that employee negligence is security risk No. 1

Are state websites up to the mobile challenge?

Easing the data migration burden



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